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Britain. A beautiful country with a rich history. She became the ancestor of many traditions, trends and trends. But she was able to change the world of gambling by giving people online poker. Back in 1968, casinos were allowed in Britain. This decree changed the world and brought the world of gambling to a new level. This law has led us to the emergence of such things as mobile poker, free spins, mobile versions of casinos and slot machines. And in 2005, a committee appeared that issues licenses and controls the activities of casinos, poker online and other gaming platforms.

16 years have passed since that moment and the world of games has evolved, migrating to computers, web browser sites. Many games have already been adapted not only for computers, but also smartphones, tablets, which allows more players to try their luck. And today we will look at the most popular poker apps, card game apps and mobile poker sites that players love so much.

Why is it more convenient to play poker from a mobile

Let’s put everything in its place right away and analyze: why mobile online poker is more convenient than playing in a browser window, and what is special about real money gambling apps.

There are big differences between the concepts of “mobile application” and “mobile version of the site”. Let’s start in order.

Mobile Poker app:

  • Designed specifically for mobile devices;
  • Downloaded as a full-fledged application from the official website of the casino or play store, or appstore;
  • It is developed for different phone models, which makes access to games easier;
  • Dedicated poker app is available at any time;
  • The convenience of the game is provided to you;
  • Convenient payment and verification method on mobile;
  • The only drawback of the mobile application may be an “unsuccessful update” of the application. Everyone has flaws. And until the fix of the application is released, it will not work correctly.

Compared to a mobile site, apps will not cut down on your emotions, beautiful graphics and game impressions. At any convenient time, you just open the app and play your favorite games without repeated verifications.

Mobile application or mobile version of the site

And now it’s time to compare the two popular options with each other and understand what will be more convenient.

Let’s start with the mobile version of the site and all its characteristics. The mobile version of the site is the browser version of the casino for playing on mobile devices. It is “lightweight” and often lacks some effects and has a simplified interface for accessing from less powerful devices like flagship phone models or computers. In addition:

  • The mobile version of the site is very similar to a full-fledged site with slot machines and poker, but not so beautiful;
  • Players must log in through the browser and search for mobile poker sites for iPhone;
  • Online casino is no different and has all the same bonuses, slot machines and slots;
  • No need to install any apps on the gadget.

But the online casino application for phones can boast of something:

  • Excellent optimization for different types of devices: planets, iPads, smartphones;
  • Automatic login for repeated visits;
  • Quick access to your favorite poker tables;
  • Installing apps, apps to your home screen are immediately added, which makes it easier to find them on the gadget;
  • Visual and graphics at the same level as when playing on a PC;
  • Choosing a game in the app is as simple as ever: choose a section, a category and search for your favorite game. The applications also have search terms;
  • Convenient payment and verification methods: face ID, fingerprint.

Mobile Application

Poker apps for IOS

We figured out that it would be more convenient to play through the app. And now let’s look and see the popular iPhone real money poker apps and free versions.

  1. Poker Stars. A well-known poker platform for players from all over the world, which does not need additional advertising. The quality has been tested by millions of players and years on the market. Professional development companies worked to create games and services. Regular updates and upgrades of the service allow players to enjoy matches at any time of the day. A welcome bonus of 100% on a deposit of up to $ 600 will not leave the player indifferent. But this is not the main thing, because each player can personalize his poker table and space at will. And yes, you can play at several tables at mobile PokerStars at once. Players can play mobile PokerStars ZOOM and see their opponents, the dealer and fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere. And yes, don’t worry mobile poker at PokerStars on an iPad is perfectly optimized and accessible to everyone.
  2. 888 Poker. The platform immediately reveals all bonuses, offering a 100% deposit bonus of up to $ 888 and another $88 as a gift. The offer is certainly tempting. A huge range of games, both card and slot machines. The multi-tabling option will allow you to play at several tables at the same time. Also, players can play both poker and casino at the same time, sending winnings to one wallet. Among the exclusives are poker tournaments for players who are locked with a strong password. Anyone who doesn’t get there just like that. Naturally, a huge selection of styles and options for the game space, decoration and rooms are included.
  3. GGPokerOk. The mobile version greets us with a pleasant bonus to choose from: 100% to a deposit of up to $ 600 or $ 11 immediately as a gift. It’s up to you. The platform offers players not only the best games and bets, but also high-quality poker. This service is famous for its system of protection against “toxic players” and “cheaters” who like to use third-party programs for monitoring and counting. An interesting “instant hand” option. It makes it possible to link an account to social networks and instantly share successful visits with friends

So, have you already chosen your poker app? Or are you interested in android games? If so, we have prepared a few suggestions below

Real Money Poker Android Apps

Owners of Android devices, of course, were not left without the attention of companies. Often, the sites duplicate their android games for all platforms and the mobile version will practically not differ. But there are exceptions, though rare. Most often, companies make poker cross-platform: players from different devices can play with each other. No one has an advantage, because everyone is sitting at the same table and playing poker tournaments according to the same rules. Let’s see what the sites have prepared for android lovers:

  1. PockerMatch. A well-known company that offers the best games and bets for visitors. And what about bonuses and games? And there are 2 types of bonuses here: playable and instant. Instant is great news for beginners. Minimum deposits from 7GBP + free tickets for free spins and tournaments. As for the application itself, it was a success. The application pulls all the functions of the desktop version: customizable tables and visual, all types of poker and card games, multiboard, and all this is limited only by your capabilities and the speed of switching between gaming tables.
  2. PartyPoker. Let’s see what the partypoker mobile Android app is. A pleasant bonus system, both for new players and experienced users. The company gives all newcomers $ 30 with tickets to tournaments where everyone can compete with other players for the championship and a lot of money. The minimum deposit is $ 10, which is great: a low entry threshold will help beginners and people who just want to try a new service and application to get comfortable. Yes, although the platform does not have the highest bonuses, but its main audience is new players. And for them, instant bonuses will be much more important and more pleasant. Prizes are given out very quickly – within 2 days, and each ticket has its own “expiration date” – a week from the date of receipt. Naturally, all the games to play from Android, including tournaments. All games are perfectly optimized and supported by many devices.
  3. VBet Poker. For 4 years now, this poker room has been uniting players. The company adheres to fair rules and healthy competition. Therefore, I banned all auxiliary programs and software. Do you want to play? – Play fair! Excellent position. Here you can try everything: classic Poker, Hold’em, Omaha and jackpot tournaments.

Free Poker Apps

Before moving on to serious table games, you can warm up a little and practice in free poker apps. Yes, poker free games also exist and many are made very well. Yes, you will not be able to earn extra money there, but you are always welcome to fill your hand and learn a little more about the subtleties of the game. If you Google it, mobile poker sites offer quite a large selection of poker for everyone. You can find both thematic applications and stormy classics. Here is a small list of mobile poker games online that will help you pass more than a dozen evenings:

Zynga Poker. The application is popular and often flashes in the top game ratings, both on android and in the appstore. An excellent representative of the social poker apps category. The application is completely free, the registration process is simple and straightforward. A huge plus is one account for all platforms, which ensured the ease of login and the impossibility of losing achievements. Nice interface and application design, convenient buttons and functionality.

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